Coloring a Garden

“It was like the way you wanted sunshine on Saturdays, or pancakes for breakfast. They just made you feel good.”

My favorite author of the past year has been Sarah Addison Allen. She has enchanted me into her writing world of charming magical realism! Especially through the book Garden Spells, which tells the story of the mysterious women of the Waverly family, who all possess a certain gift.

Garden Spells combines the art of cooking and flowers. Claire Waverly uses her special gift of cooking to help out her small town in catering events, but she is no ordinary caterer! The town depends on her creations when they want help in their love life, professional life, or social life. A bite of Claire’s flower infused food can be life changing.

This book paired beautifully with my Secret Garden coloring book by Johanna Bradford!

Don’t you think there’s something a bit magical about coloring? Transforming a blank page into splashes of thoughtfully placed color is so satisfying to me!

“She looked like autumn, when leaves turned and fruit ripened.”

Here is my favorite page out of the whole coloring book! It reminds me a lot of what the Waverly’s Garden must look like! I’ve been working on it for months, as I’ve learned coloring is a very meticulous job. Although at the same time it’s a wonderful stress reliever! I will sit down and start coloring a section until my hands start to ache. Then put it away for next time.

For someone such as myself, whose artistic abilities as far as drawing goes is embarrassingly bad, this is an awesome creative outlet. I definitely recommend checking out Johanna Basfords line of coloring books, they extend from secret gardens to enchanted forests to lost oceans.

“Some people don’t know how to fall in love, like not knowing how to swim. They panic first when they jump in. Then they figure it out.”

Look out for another post featuring my coloring book collection, because there’s a lot more where that came from!

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Pink Books

Today’s post is going to be super girly, so beware if you don’t like the color pink!

I happen to love the color pink. If it comes in pink I want it! But honestly I’m more of a pastel baby pink lover than a hot pink lover. Pink is just fun, it takes me back to my carefree days as a little girl when I thought princess or ballerina would be my occupation. 

Girly or not, here is a post about some of the pink books in my collection.

1. Wives and Daughters by Eliabeth Gaskell

  • This was my first read by Elizabeth Gaskell. I was excited to discover another 19th century women author I had never heard about. This story follows Molly Gibson a seventeen year old girl who is adjusting to life after her father remarries. We meet her worldly and refined new stepsister Cynthia. The two girls form a bond, but end up competing for the attention of two brothers. Wives and Daughters was Gaskells last work and she unfortunately died before completeing the novel. I was weary going into it, thinking it might end up being a cliff hanger. Although thank goodness theres a BBC adaptation that wrote an alternate ending, and it includes Rosamund Pike! I’ve yet to watch it but am so very eager to! 

2. The Story of Us by Deb Caletti 

  • This book follows a teenage girl with an unusual name, Cricket. She is in for a crazy weekend at the beach where she will be attending the marriage of her mother and her latest husband. Although things don’t go exactly as planned. Cricket has more love interests than she knows what to do with. Her family chooses to reveal big secrets and her soon to be stepsisters aren’t so happy with the impending marriage. I am a big Deb Caletti fan, her stories are always so full of charm. She is definitely one of my favorite YA authors. 

3. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett 

  • Here is a classic that I’ve yet to read. I loved The Secret Garden as a child, but never got around to reading this one. Although I have seen the film adaptation featuring Shirley Temple! This is about a young girl growing up in a boarding school, who becomes orphaned. After her father dies she is forced to leave her privlaged life as a student and become a servant of the school. 

4. I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron 

  • Now this is a special pick, because today would have been Nora Ephrons 75th birthday! This book is full of short stories that are candid, witty, and very entertaining. She is the creator of some of my favorite films, in particular You’ve Got Mail. How perfect are Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks?! I just want thank Nora Ephron for giving me something to love and be inspired by. 

5. Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann 

  • In this vintage book, three woman living in New York journey through the ups and downs of friendship and womanhood. The “dolls” are little pills that lead the ladies into unfortunate scandalous places. Definitely a must read for those who are fans of drama and scandal. I’ve seen the movie and while I adore the actresses who play the girls, it wasn’t my favorite adaptation. 

6. It by Alexa Chung 

  • I’ve recently purchased this pretty little book. I am a huge Alexa Chung fan, her style is perfect! In this book we see what inspires her as a person and take a deeper look into her personal life. 

I hope you enjoyed my Pink books post and found some new reads! 

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Music Monday featuring: Time Between Us

So it’s been an embarrassing amount of time since I’ve posted, and I feel like I start every blog post with that same sentence! Oopsies. I’ve just been more interested in Instagram lately where I have finally read over a THOUSAND followers! So if you enjoy lots of bookish pictures, feel free to look me up! My insta name is: @thefashionable_reader 

My Instagram post from today actually inspired to get back on here! 

I am currently reading this book called Time Between Us by Tamara Island Stone. The story is about sixteen year old Anna from 1995 and sixteen year old Bennett from 2012. The two meet, because Bennett has the ability to time travel and is currently in the year of his birth 1995 which is Anna’s time. Bennett is visiting 1995 looking for someone. Anna, who has never been outside the country let alone outside the Midwest is fascinated by Bennett and his ability to travel anywhere he sets his mind too. Also an obvious attraction is brewing between the two. 

Now I am only about half way through the book so I won’t give out any other spoilers. One of the things that I have read so far that really interests me about Bennett, is that he uses his time travel abilities to go back in time to different concerts! How awesome would it be to be able to go back and see amazing concerts you missed out on?! 

Now the real question is, who would you go see? 

I would definitely go see: 

  • Hole. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the band, they are an early 90s grunge alternative band with Courtney Love as the lead singer. I watched the music video for Doll Parts and Violet, about five years ago and I was completely entranced. Courtney has these amazing grungey volcals, and this rock worthy stage presence. I would go back in time to see them right after they released Live Through This. I just want to jump around and singalong with Courtney!

Also I wanted to include my current music favorites. These songs have been on nonstop in my car: 

1.Trouble, by Cage the Elephant. 

  • This is off their latest album, Tell Me I’m Pretty. This is definitely a standout song from the album. I love how it starts out soft but goes into the great CTE Rock sound. I’m definitely always singing along to this one. 

2. Irene, by Twin Peaks 

  • This song is just pure pleasure. You definitely want to nod your head along with the beat. I really want to get more into this band. 

3. Easy, by Hinds

  • I’ve recently discovered this band, and they are pretty cool. For starters they are an all girl band from Spain! Can I join please?! Their Spanish accents give their music a cool vibe. Definitely check them out! 

4. D’You Have a Car?, by SWMRS 

  • I love it when I find young bands with that fun garage rock sound. This song is playful and definitely one you can bop around to and sing along. 

5. Mental Case, by SKATERS 

  • Another great song I’ve added to my playlist recently. SKATERS is another cool garage rock alternative band! 

Honestly I’m not great at describing songs, I’m certainly no music critic. So if you like alternative/indie rock just go give these songs a listen! Maybe you will find some new favorites too.

Maybe music Monday will become a regular thing.

Please feel free to comment! I am curious to know, what are your current favorite songs?? Also, if you could time travel who would you want to see in concert?! 

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    Jane Eyre (Book Review)

    I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.


    Book: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

    Pages: 533

    Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

    Synopsis: The story follows an orphaned girl, Jane Eyre,throughout her life trials and tribulations. We start with Jane as young girl, living with a family who treats her poorly and wishes to have no claim to her. Eventually she is shipped off to boarding school, which starts out as a horrifying experience. The place is rundown and many of the people are cold and mean. Luckily she meets a kind friend, Helen, who shows Jane love and friendship that she has never felt before. Throughout Jane’s stay at the school, she discovers a love of art. When she comes of age, she decides to venture out and leave the school to pursue a career as a governess. Having never been on her own before Jane is weary as she travels to her new home. When she arrives at the estate of Thornfield Hall, she is greeted into the mysterious house. Jane settles into life as a governess, with her lively young french student. Then things begin to turn upside down when Mr. Rochester, master of the estate, shows up. He is an intense man who is often brash with his opinions. Although him and Jane are inexplicably drawn to each other. Thus Jane’s life really starts to begin. There is romance, mysterious secrets, and self discovery.

    Thoughts: I gave this book 5/5 stars, needless to say I loved it! I don’t know why it took me so long finally read this. The copy of the book I read was actually my grandmas, she gave it to me years ago and told me to read it. I should have listened to her when she first gave it to me! I loved that we grew with Jane, throughout the novel. She eventually found her voice and a sense of who she is. I really enjoyed that she didn’t waste much time feeling sorry for herself. Jane had great struggles in her life, but thats what they were, they didn’t take over her ability to function. Also, I liked that she strived for herself to be independent. There were many mysterious secrets woven into the story, and it added to the drama.


    • Helen Burns: I was so grateful to this character, she showed Jane kindness and friendship when she needed it most. It broke my heart when she died, the girls were a comfort to each other even in Helens last breath. When Helen died, it was said that a single word adorned her gravestone, resurgam. I had to look this word up to find out the meaning. Resurgam is latin for “I shall rise again”. I fell in love with this saying, I find myself repeating this word to myself at random times when I need reassurance. Also it hit soft spot in my personal life. This book was given to me by my late grandmother. Helens kind and gentle soul reminded me of my grandma. I spent much of the book thinking of my grandma, wishing she was still here so I can discuss the story with her.
    • Mr.Rochester the Gypsy: Remember the part where Mr.Rochester is conveniently out away on business for the day, while his company of friends are staying over? And an old gypsy lady comes, wishing to tell the fortunes of the women. When Jane goes into to have her fortune told, this gypsy knows a little too much about her. Then the gypsy throws off the disguise and reveals himself to be Mr.Rochester… WHAT WAS THAT? Haha, I was so shocked by that scene! I wasn’t expecting that to happen at all! I mean how could the other ladies not tell that this old gypsy was really a man, and their friend at that! Are they just idiots? Was Mr. Rochester’s voice really that good at imitating an old lady?! Just had to include this. That part of the book made me laugh.
    • Mr.Rochester: Okay, not that I got the gypsy part of the story out of my system, let me explain my other feelings for this man. I understand that this character can sometimes be controversial, and I saw those points. He was gruff and brash. He could come off as mean or even creepy. He was kind enough to take care of his maybe illegitimate child, but he wasn’t exactly opening his arms to her as a father figure. Also he locked up his mentally ill wife. That was very interesting. If he had all this money why didn’t he just put her up somewhere in the country in a place of her own? Besides his obvious not so great traits, he saw Jane as someone he could love. And he really loved her, besides the fact of where she came from and who she was. I enjoyed that he wasn’t a cookie cutter character, he was complex.
    • Jane’s Independence: I liked that Jane wasn’t willing to be reliant on just one person. When she found out that Mr.Rochester loved her and wanted to marry her, she wasn’t about to jump right in. She wasn’t blinded by the lifestyle he was willing to give her, she didn’t an abundance of jewels and dresses. She was content with who she was. Also you could tell she was passionate about teaching and helping others. I especially loved that when she found out of her fortune from her uncle, and her relations, that she didn’t care about the money. All she wanted was a family and she finally got that.
    • Janes creepy cousin: St. John Eyre Rivers, sorry he was a little creepy. I get that marrying your cousin was a more common practice back then, but even Jane was weary of it. He wanted her not for real love and marriage but for his profession and lifestyle. I am glad Jane wasn’t willing to settle for a lifestyle where she knew she couldn’t really be happy. That is another example of Jane’s independence. Although I am glad at the end, that they found a “brotherly-sisterly” relationship with each other.



    Movie adaptations: I watched two of the Jane Eyre movie adaptations, from 1996 & 2011(pictured above). I did enjoy both of them, but I think I liked the 2011 one slightly more. The 2011 adaptation stars Mia Wasikowska as Jane, and Michael Fassbender as a very handsome Mr.Rochester. Honestly while reading the book I didn’t picture Mr.Rochester to be that handsome of a character. Of course in both adaptations there were parts of the book that were left out or changed slightly. It didn’t bother me too much. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that Jane was portrayed as this timid little thing. In my opinion she came off as more of a stronger character who wasn’t as easily intimidated. But that was just my interpretation. So honestly I wasn’t completely satisfied with either Jane. This could also be related to me being a reader never fully satisfied with the movie (aka the book is always better!). But besides that I did enjoy both of the movies, and would recommend them. Also they are both on Netflix! 

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read it and loves the classics. Or even to people looking to get into classics. This is definitely a must read, and for a good reason!

    Carpe Librum

    Until next time…


    January Reading Wrap Up

    How is it already the second month of 2016? Time really does just fly by. I had a pretty good start to my reading year, and ended up finishing five books. My usual goal is to read three plus books a month. So I definitely exceeded that and I think five is a good number for me. Whats the average number of books you read a month?

    • Book: Shopaholic to the Stars, by Sophie Kinsella
    • Pages: 479
    • Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars
    • Thoughts: It had been quite a while since I read a Sophie Kinsella book, but her books are like an old friend that I know I am always gonna have a good time with. I was glad to finally catch up with the crazy adventures of Becky Bloomwood Brandon. This book we see her move from London to Los Angeles, where she desperately wants to fit in with the starlets of Hollywood. Her husband Luke, is the manager to a famous actress that Becky wants to become a stylist to and best friends with. Becky ends up getting herself wrapped up in her own Hollywood worthy daytime drama. Of course this book gave me laughs and the occasional eye roll or shake of the head, because Becky just gets herself into some of the most ridiculous situations! Although I do have relate to her over active imagination, I wish I could be as fearless as Becky. If your looking for a light read and a good time, definitely pick up the Shopaholic series, or any of Sophie Kinsella’s books (I happen to love them all).


    • Book: Mariana, by Monica Dickens
    • Pages: 377
    • Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars
    • Thoughts: Author, Monica Dickens, was the great granddaughter of Charles Dickens. I admit that this book was definitely a cover-buy for me. It is published by Persephone Books, and they have some of the most darling covers. The story follows the life of Mary, a girl growing up in England during the 20s and 30s. Its starts out as she is about eight or nine, so we see her thoughts evolve all the way until she is a grown women. I thought the beginning was a tad boring, it didn’t hold my interest. As she got older and we saw her evolve I became more engaged with her story. I’ve heard it compared to I capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, a book which I loved; and it wasn’t quite that for me. I liked it well enough, although she was in love with her cousin. That was a little odd. I did resonate with her feelings of being a young woman and figuring out your place. It was worth the read, I recommend it if you like stories of growing up.


    • Book: Fallen Beauty, by Erika Robuck
    • Pages: 384
    • Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars
    • Thoughts: This story followed two perspectives, one of famous real life poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and a fictional character named Laura Kelley. The two lives are interconnected during the 20s and 30s, as they live in a small town in the state of New York. Laura Kelleys life is struck with tragedy, and she is just trying to stay above the dark waters of small town life and judgement. She is an amazing seamstress, and has an eye for design. This happens to connect her with the notorious Edna St. Vincent Millay, who lives above the town in a grand house, and throws scandalous parties. Millay is in a writing rut, and in need of a new muse. I love a good historical fiction novel, and was excited to finally read one of Erika Robuck’s. This story kept me very interested, and through it I discovered Edna St. Vincent Millay. Her book of poetry is now on my wish-list. I highly recommend to anyone who likes the twenties, drama, and historical fiction.


    • Book: The Anthropology of an American Girl, by Hilary Thayer Hamann
    • Pages: 592
    • Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars
    • Thoughts: The title of this book sucked me in when I was browsing through the bookstore. I have had this for a little while now and finally picked it up. The story follows Eveline, through her high school and college years in the late 70s and early 80s. We live through her candid and detailed thoughts. We see her relationships evolve and deteriorate. At first I liked this story, because some of her felt relatable. But then I felt like she didn’t really evolve as much as I would have liked her to. She wasn’t really interested in her life, and its like her life became dedicated to the men in her life. So much time was spent on her sorrows of one guy, while letting herself be treated badly by another. As a girl it pains me to see others who rely so much on the opposite sex. Its okay to love/like someone and be in a relationship, but its not okay to lose yourself. Eveline, I felt didn’t exist by herself, she lost her individuality. Its another coming of age story, but it wasn’t my favorite.


    • Book: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
    • Pages: 533
    • Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars
    • Thoughts: This was absolutely lovely. I am not going into too much into detail because I really want to do a separate in depth review on this book.  I have never read anything by the Bronte sisters before, so I was excited to finally pick this up. I can see why its considered a great classic, and I am sad I haven’t gotten to it sooner. Look out for my review!

    So those were my January reads. I hope you all had a good reading month too. Have you read any of these, or plan on reading them?

    On to the February reads now!

    Carpe Librum.

    Until Next Time…


    A December/Chirstmas Book Haul! 


    Happy New Year! It’s pretty clear to say that my New Years resolution is to blog more and read more! Although I will be honest with you, I don’t think New Years resolutions ever work out. At least mine don’t. I really like blogging though, so I am going to try my hardest to stick with it this year, and not let months go by without posting.

    Today I am going to share my December/Christmas book haul! I was gifted thirteen books, and bought two on my own. I am extremely thankful to my family, for these wonderful presents. They fuel my reading/book addiction every year. So here is a glimpse into what I will be reading this year of 2016!

    Here they are in all of their beautiful glory! It was tricky trying to fit them all into the picture, but I managed to do it. I am not going to go into detail and give a synopsis on every book, but trust me you will be hearing a lot about them in the near future!

    Books I bought:

    • Shopaholic to the Stars, by Sophie Kinsella
    • Sense & Sensibility, by Jane Austen

    These were two little Christmas presents to myself! I got them for such a bargain I couldn’t resist! I adore the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, I have been meaning to buy this for quite sometime now. Luckily I stumbled upon it in Barnes & Noble in the clearance section for a little over six dollars. My B&N has the best bargain section, I usually always find books I have been wanting for over 50% off. I found the Jane Austen, at Marshalls for ten bucks! Thats half off what it usually cost. I was so ecstatic because I have seen these Penguin Classics editions, all over Instagram. The only place I have ever known them to be sold at was Anthropologie. Even though I already have a copy of Sense & Sensibility, I had to add this to my collection. It was too pretty to pass up.

    Books I was gifted:

    • Simple Flower Arranging (Step-by-Step Designs and Techniques), by Mark Welford & Stephen Wicks
    • Dragonfly in Amber, by Diana Gabaldon
    • Saphire Blue, by Henry Holt
    • The Romantic Poets (WordCloud edition)
    • Mariana, by Monica Dickens
    • Newport, by Jill Morrow
    • The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett
    • The Tea Rose, by Jennifer Donnelly
    • Lair of Dreams, by Libba Bray
    • Gatsby Girls, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • One Hundred Names, by Cecelia Ahern
    • The Bostonians, by Henry James
    • Northerner Abbey, by Jane Austen

    All of these books look like they are going to be great reads! I am excited to continue on with the Outlander series, and read Dragonfly in Amber. Also I was given the first season of the tv show, I will definitely be glued to that soon. Another sequel I received is Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. That will be another exciting read! Gatsby Girls is a beautiful edition that I am thrilled to add to my Fitzgerald collection.

    Above is a collection of pretty purple books I received! I was so excited about this Simple Flower Arranging book, because I am going to be starting a beginning floral design class at the end of the month. It has some really beautiful and easy to do arrangements. The Tea Rose, is a book I would always pass at B&N and debate on buying, now I finally have it! The Romantic Poems, is a stunning Word Cloud Classics book, that includes works by John Keats, William Wordsworth, and more.


    Lets just take a moment to appreciate this oh so lovely edition of The Secret Garden. Okay so this might be my third copy of this novel, but I couldn’t resist! This is the newest B&N hardcover leather-bound classics edition. I will cherish  this book forever, and hopefully pass it on to my future children down the line. Isn’t just so lovely?

    Lastly here are two bookish gifts that I also received. Jane Austen playing cards, that have drawings of Various characters, and quotes on each card. A must for any Jane lover! This tumbler cup is by Kate Spade, and I am in love! I have been drinking out of it everyday. This cup is everything I have ever wanted on a cup! Thank you Kate Spade for designing a product that us Book lovers can freak out over!

    So that was my December/Christmas book haul. Again I am so thankful to my family for indulging in my obsession. What books did you receive or buy for yourself this past holiday? Are any of these books now on your wish-list?

    Carpe Librum

    Until Next Time…




    My Life in Books Tag

    Well Hello, its been quite some time since I have posted. Its fair to say that I have been slacking on my blogging duties this month! Any who… I was tagged by Bookish Rachel to do the My Life in Books tag. I was so ecstatic when I found out she tagged me, because I had been reading everyone else’s posts on this tag and so badly wanting to do one! So thank you, Rachel! I think this is such a cool way to share a little bit about myself through my favorite things, books.

    Find a book for each of your initials: My initials are KMC. (Fun fact, in middle school my friends would make fun of my initials and call me KFC instead. I was not named after Kentucky Fried Chicken, thank goodness.)

    K is for Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen. This is probably my second favorite Sarah Dessen book. I love the story of Colie who works at the infamous Last Chance Cafe, in Colby. I will elaborate later on my love for Sarah Dessen. But this is such a sweet little read, especially great for summer time.

    M is for The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman. This was such an interesting read. I love books that tell an enchanting tale, and this definitely did that. Also that title just draws you in, doesn’t it?

    C is for The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty.  I absolutely adored this book! Its set in the early twenties and tells a fictionalized story of a lady named Cora who has taken the job of chaperoning the real life Louise Brooks to New York City. This book made me want to learn more about the real life story of Louise Brooks, and if you have ever watched one of her silent films, she is so engaging.

    Count your age along your bookshelf. Which book is it?


    I am 22, and along my book shelf I landed on The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. I had heard pretty great things about this book and was excited to read it. Although I have to say I didn’t love it as much as other people did. I read it during the summer, and its definitely not a summer beach read.

    Pick a book in your city, state, or country: 


    I chose White Oleander by Janet Finch. This book follows a foster child all over southern California, especially the Los Angeles area, as she goes from home to home. This book was amazing, it might even be my favorite book I read this year. But the reason I chose it was, because I was talking with my aunt about it, and she was telling me that one of the characters in the book who shows up briefly selling lady bugs in small plastic containers outside a donut shop, is a real person. My aunt used to live in the Los Angeles area and would often see him. I thought that was pretty interesting!

    Pick a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to: 


    I have wanderlust real bad, and there are many places I would love to travel to but I narrowed it down to this book. Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas. This is a memoir by a girl who lived in Paris for a year and documented her journey through food. She describes some of the loveliest cafes and sweet shops. There is also a list of all the places she’s visited in New York and Paris. This is also the prettiest cover, a perfect match for this book!

    Pick a book thats your favorite color: 


    I honestly don’t have a favorite color, because its so hard for me to pick a favorite of anything. I am one of those people who have an abundance of favorites! I picked From Notting Hill with Love… Actually by Ali McNamara. This book has such a pretty color scheme. The cover is absolutely adorable! If you can’t tell by the title, this book is for those Rom-Com Hugh Grant lovers.

    Which Book do you have the fondest memories of?


    This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. So let me elaborate on my love for this author. I started to read her books in high school and just loved them. All of her books are like old friends, that I know I can go back to and feel the same happy feelings I felt when I first read the book. This is my favorite Sarah Dessen book. I love Dexter, he is my book crush! I own two copies of this book, and even got one of them signed by Sarah herself when I went to her signing a couple years ago. This is a book I can go back to and read over and over again.

    Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?


    Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. This was my first Virginia Woolf read, and I just didn’t love it. I felt like it really didn’t have much of a point, and I just wanted to be done with it the entire time I was reading it. I really didn’t like how it just jumped from character to character. I love to read classic literature and was excited to try her out, but I am still going to give her other works a chance.

    Which book on your TBR gave you the biggest sense of accomplishment? 


    War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. This massive hunker of a book is exactly 1036 pages. I actually received this for Christmas one year from my aunt, and ever since its been sitting on my book shelf daring me to read it. One day I will accomplish this book! But first I want to read Anna Karenina. 

    Thank you all for reading, and I hope you learned a little bit about me through my bookshelf! Most people have already done this tag, so if you haven’t done it yet and want to, I tag you! I would love to read your posts!

    Carpe Librum

    Until next time…